Guess who’s back?!

Yup! You guessed it! Me!! Did you miss me???

I missed you folks!!

As you may recall I told you the day i came back you’d have to deal with a wedding post….. So here it is =)
(I’ll keep it short!)

Me and my wonderful husband got married on September 6th at the district court with just our parents and my grandparents. We didn’t want a huge ceremony and we really didn’t like the idea having tons of people watching us at such an intimate time. So we kept it small.

Then Sunday the 8th we had a reception picnic with all our family and a few close friends. We went to a local state park with a beautiful overlook. Its a 350 foot cliff from which you can see the neighboring state. Its so nice and quiet.

We did a build your own pita bar with cooked chicken and a variety of homemade sauces and veggies to put on. We had homemade organic applesauce and honey sweetened peaches I picked and canned myself. We also had an (oragnic!) popcorn bar where you filled a bag with popcorn, added seasonings and shook up the bag for flavored popcorn. Yummy =) Everything was pink and black since we’re very non-traditional. I made centerpieces from mason jars with ribbons around them filled with bamboo, a sparkly fake feather and pink water beads. I also made up-cycled bowls from old records I got at a thrift store to put the favors in. It ended up being really cute! It was nice and small but fun at the same time.

wedding 797

My lovely husband and I. My awesome cousin is a cosmetologist and did my hair. I don’t think my hair has ever looked that nice in my life.

wedding 824

Kicking the groom for good luck?

wedding 939

Cake fight! My amazing sister-in-law made us a beautiful cake!! (And was our photographer!!)

wedding 954

wedding 962

I LOVE my dress =) Charlotte from PixiePocket on Etsy handmade it for me to my exact measurements and specifications. She did a wonderful job. It fit me perfectly and was actually really comfy. If you ever need a spectacular dress for any reason I definitely suggest her.


The beautiful Delilah Raine!


I am SO glad I decided to get a few pictures nursing in my wedding gown. They turned out so beautiful and its such a awesome thing to nurse a baby.

wedding 999

And I couldn’t possibly do a wedding post without sharing this. My sister crocheted us this blanket. For those of you that don’t know, this is the TARDIS from the TV series Dr. Who, a sci-fi show from England. My favorite TV show. Its the coolest thing ever. I almost had a heart attack when I opened it up. I will sleep under it until I die. ♥

Thank you for sharing in our special day!! And thank you for sticking around while I was gone for a week =) Gold star for all of you!!

~(Mrs.!!) Courtney, The Crunchy Delinquent

A basket of apples through a baby’s eyes

Today’s post may not be about health or wellness, recipes or projects, or any of the other usual stuff, but its short and sweet and I hope it gets you thinking.


The other day me and my six and a half month old daughter went to my mom’s house to do laundry. She was making a ton of homemade applesauce for my wedding reception this weekend (because she’s amazing like that). The apples she was using were off of the tree in my sister’s back yard. They were very misshapen (hey, they weren’t sprayed with horrible pesticides that make them look perfect!) they had holes and bruises that needed cut out and some bugs in them. They were (and are) still tasty and perfectly edible, they are just an eyesore!

Delilah was crawling around the floor getting into everything, like babies do, and found the basket of apples. She climbed up over the edge and reached inside.

She was in total awe. These were the coolest, most amazing, awesome things she had ever laid eyes on. There were tons of them, the pile was 3 times as big as she is, they were shiny, they are all bright red and pretty. She daintily touched each apple, picked them up and put them down, stared at them, smiled and talked to them. She ran her tiny fingers over them and felt them.

These ugly, misshapen apples off of a little backyard apple tree were the coolest things little Delilah had ever seen.

Most adults would have looked over them,  said how gross they were, thrown them out or let animals eat them and move on.

But not Delilah.

Because through the eyes of a baby, everything is beautiful and everything is amazing. Everything is something new and exciting. Babies see the beauty in everything and the good side of everything. Dirty, grungy apples become beautiful, amazing red things.

Adults seem to lose this more and more the older they get. The amazing things in life are just blah and ordinary.

Take the time today to put on baby goggles.

Look at the world as if you’ve never seen it before and really look at everything around. The earth truly is amazing. Life is amazing.

Embrace it.

Be happy.

~Courtney, The Crunchy Delinquent

Foraging Series: Part 3- Jewelweed!

Part 1- Staghorn Sumac
Part 2- Queen Anne’s Lace

The 4 main rules of foraging-

1. Make sure wherever you harvest is at minimum 100 ft. from a road cars drive on.
2. Make sure wherever your picking is public property (don’t pick on someone’s private land unless you’ve OK-ed it with the owners!)
3. Make sure where your picking is not somewhere that gets sprayed! You do not want chemicals all over your yummy wild food.
4. Give back to the earth and do your part to help keep the environment clean and healthy. Don’t take without giving back!!


Let me enlighten you with my amazing poetry skills with my haiku about jewelweed-

I love jewelweed
Jewelweed is an awesome
Medicinal plant

Alright, so my amazing poetry skills aren’t so great, but jewelweed is!


A jewelweed bush




The side of a flower


The leaves, and if you look closely you can see a seed pod under one of the leaves in the center of the photo. It looks like a bean pod.


Close up of a flower head on

Jewelweed is also called spotted touch me not, touch me not and they are impatiens.

These bushes grow rampant where I live. The bushes grow extremely large and everywhere. In the woods and along the roads are the most common places for them. Its very distinct and has saw blade edged oval leaves with trumpeting flowers. The flowers can be yellow (like the ones I have pictured, these are called pale jewelweed) or light to dark orange to reddish. But aside from they will all look exactly alike. The flowers are spotted and the plant itself has knobby joints- everywhere a stem meets another stem there is a little knob. Its like knees and elbow. But plant-ish.

Aside from the medicinal benefits of this plant, the best part is the seed pods. All throughout my childhood we called these plants poppies. Not because they look like poppy flowers, because when you touch or gently squeeze the ripe seed pods they explode (in order to disperse its seeds). Its tons of fun. Look for a fat seed pod (they are ripe this time of year, so go now!!) and explode them. There is no plant out there more fun. Watch this video to see it happen =)

The jewelweed plant is natures poison Ivy (and poison oak) relief. It usually grows right near poison ivy. If you apply jewelweed lotion or salve prior to going into the woods its can actually prevent you from getting poison ivy. Don’t tell me that’s not awesome. Or if your unfortunate enough to get the stuff, soap, lotion or salve with stop the itching and heal the poison ivy. It also does wonders for just about every other rash. My daughter suddenly got a very bad diaper rash (I think it came with being sick) and my regular homemade ointment didn’t help, my plantain salve didn’t help so I tried jewelweed lotion and it cleared up in an hour!!

I’m gonna teach you how to make-

Jewelweed Infused Oil

This oil can be used as a base for soaps, salves, ointments and lotions as well as completely on its own.

You will need-

A large handful or jewelweed
Organic olive oil

Roughly chop the jewelweed (stems, leaves, flowers and all) and place them in a skillet or sauce pan. Cover them in a thin layer of olive oil (I used about a cup) and bring to a bubbling simmer. Let them simmer uncovered for an hour stirring every 10 minutes or so, you want them all to be wilted. Put everything into a mason jar and pop a lid on it. Let it rest anywhere from over night to a week then strain out all of the leaves and leaf pieces. And that’s it! Make whatever you like out of it. If you want to make a salve replace plantain oil in this Epic Healing Salve and make jewelweed salve. Or use a mixture of both! To use it on its own, just rub it on the affected area as needed.


Cooking infused oil


Finished, un-strained oil

How to eat Jewelweed

Here’s the deal, jewelweed really isn’t more then a trail side snack when your out walking. It may come in handy sometime though! You can eat the seeds from the seed pods. As you may notice, the seeds fly everywhere when you touch a ripe seed pod. So hold the whole seed pod in your hand to catch them. They are quite tasty!! If your free a whole afternoon in a large patch of jewelweed you can collect a bunch and put them on a salad or bread =) Yummy!

So have some fun with this amazing plant =)

~Courtney, The Crunchy Delinquent

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*Disclaimer- I am not a doctor. Nor do I claim to be. Use caution when picking wild plants and DO NOT pick anything unless you are 100% certain you are picking the correct plant. If you have allergies to any of the plants I feature, do not use them. If you are worried about the medicinal effects of any of the plants featured, please consult your doctor. Do your own research before deciding what is best for you.*

Couch to 5K- Week 1


Well, its August 1st! The official start day of the Couch to 5K challenge! My blogger bud, Lydia, (from Lydia’s Flexitarian Kitchen) is joining me! So be sure to check out her progress as well =)

So here’s the setup.

Each week I’ll link back to previous weeks and have the same bits of information, just updated for that week. That way, you can see what progress I’ve made, and just follow along. Maybe it’ll help you kick start your own exercise routine!!

There are 3 main reasons I’m doing this.

1- We want to have another baby. But pregnancy for me was HORRIBLE. It was so bad. I got so fat, labor was ridiculous, I had so many aches and pains. I was just completely miserable. Beyond normal pregnancy pains. So I really want to get in better shape and be able to run throughout my next pregnancy to help with labor, delivery, aches and pains and general problems. Being fit can drastically reduce these problems.

2- I eat healthy but don’t really do more then walk and some morning yoga stretches. End working out. I really, really want to have more physical stamina. I’d love to go to all those fun 5K runs everyone always does.

3- I wouldn’t mind losing a few extra pounds and tighten up my butt and leg muscles. I’m totally comfortable with how my body looks, but being a little thinner would be healthier and probably more comfortable.

So here’s to my first run!!

Week 1:

Weight: 180 lbs. (Yes I’m going to announce my weight each week.)
(Oh, and my starting weight is 8 lbs. above pre-pregnancy weight.)

Work-out: Week 1’s workout is a brisk 5 minute warm up walk followed by 8 repetitions of running 60 seconds, walking 90 seconds and a brisk 5 minute cool down walk.

How I’m feeling: Very excited!! A little upset that it was raining and we didn’t get to go out in the morning though. We’re going to have to go out in the evening when its much hotter. Bleh. But hey, sweating is good for you!!

How this week’s first workout went: I’ll update this evening!

(I’ll also have a section on how the previous week ended, but since its the first week, I obviously won’t be able to fill that one in this week!!)

I’m so stoked!!

Feel free to join in anytime if you want too!

~Courtney, The Crunchy Delinquent

How I love my body. Stretch Marks and All.

(I'm wearing a swimsuit bottom, not underwear, just so you know.)

(I’m wearing a swimsuit bottom, not underwear, just so you know.)

Today I’d like to share something very personal and very important to me.

I’d like to share my insecurities.

I believe that in order to have whole health, you need to nourish all aspects of your life and body. You need to eat right as well as have a strong,  happy mindset, exercise and have a good body image, among other things.

The one I have spent my whole life struggling with the most (and I believe most women in America have as well) is having a good body image.

The way the female body is portrayed in the media is as a perfectly fit, ‘healthy’, skinny little rail. I put healthy in quotation marks, because we are led to believe one must be skinny to be healthy. Which is not the case at all. I have a bigger body naturally, I am slightly ‘overweight’, but even at my thinnest, I was still considered large according to BMI charts. So if I were a celebrity, the magazines would all read how unhealthy and fat I am, and how I’ve let myself go. When, in actuality, I am quite healthy and very happy with who and how I am.

I have only recently come to accept my body.

I struggled from a very young age with feeling fat, ugly, unfit and manly. I thought in order to be beautiful I had to be 105 pounds with perfect boobs, a tiny waist, a tight butt and sunken cheeks. I even went through a phase where I would try to suck in my cheeks constantly so my face looked thinner. All my friends were on the small side and were proportioned nicely. I am well above average for height in a woman, as I am 5′ 8.5” and have been since I was 15 or 16. I have very broad shoulders. I’m currently 179 pounds. I haven’t been under 155 in probably 6 years. I have a chubby face with puffy cheeks and the thing I’ve always hated the most about myself- my love handles. They have always been on the large side and its the first place I gain weight.

I always wore to big clothes, men’s clothes or distracting clothes. I went through a phase where I wore dark, black make-up all the time and wildly colorful, bizarre clothing in order to draw attention away from my body. (I still like wildly bizarre clothing, but because I think its fun, not because I want to hide). I was depressed a lot as a younger teenager for this reason.

Alright, so I told you this post was how I love my body. And it is. I just wanted you to get an idea of how much I hated my body.

Since I’ve switched over to eating healthy and avoiding processed foods, I’ve started to feel so much better, in terms of happiness and better moods.

But I’m still on the bigger side.


I still have stretch marks and a flabby post-baby belly, I still have broad shoulders, I still have chubby cheeks, I still have thighs that rub together when I walk, I still have a jiggly, flat butt, I still have my way to big, way to saggy boobs.

So what’s changed?

My mindset. My happiness level. My worldviews.

I realized that No matter what I do, I’m not going to be exactly like Angelina Jolie (not that I’d want to anyways =P). I’m just not. Its not me. I’m me. I look like me, my body is my body.

It may sound tacky, but I say affirmations to myself in the mirror everyday. I find something about my body I love (for instance, I love my super blue eyes) and tell myself that’s awesome. I’m vain. I push myself to be vain. I spend a few minutes each day telling myself how awesome I am.

It might go something like this, “Your eyes are awesome. You have a nice butt in those pants. You labored un-medicated for 51 hours and pushed out a beautiful baby, your stronger then most men and you have all those stretch marks to prove it. Be proud! Your hair looks nice today, you don’t use any chemicals and you still look hot!”

Try it! Its strange at first (I already talk to myself all the time, so hey, why not talk nicely to myself) but it really does help.

I also try very hard to never say negative things about myself. I don’t like to walk around and say how fat I am or how ugly I am. I try to always remain positive. (Harder then it sounds, but it works).

I think all women should be happier with the way their bodies are. The world would be a better, happier place. There wouldn’t be as many eating disorders or young girls feeling bad about themselves as young as 4 or 5.

My goal is to never let my daughter (or future daughters and sons) hear me complain about myself. And to help them love themselves from early on.

What do you do to remind yourself that your beautiful? If the answer is nothing, then start! Tell yourself everyday that you are beautiful. Tell others they are beautiful and keep positive all the time. Changing your opinion of beauty and your opinion of yourself will make you feel beautiful. And that is what beauty is all about.

Have a body loving day!

~Courtney, The Crunchy Delinquent

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What I Loved in June!

Well its July. Which means- Summer is in full swing, I’ll be 20 in less then 2 weeks, my niece will be 6 the day after that, my daughter will be 5 months and it’s only 2 months til me and my fiance tie the knot!! In celebration of a new month, I figured I’d share some of the things that made me happy in June!!

I found out how to make some delicious, healthy striped fruit snacks over here at The Balanced Platter.

I finally figured out the Amish’s secret meadow tea recipe!

I made (and LOVED) these super yummy, real food oatmeal cream cookies from Health Starts in The Kitchen.

I finally started cloth diapering!

I made some fantastic strawberry jam with fresh picked strawberries, just like The Pioneer Woman did!

We picked out my fiance’s wedding ring!

We decided we’re going to have 4 dozen of these fake mustaches at our wedding for super fun photo props (and entertainment).

I started doing some beginner’s yoga to get my body back in shape.

I started peeing in the shower!

We finally got something other then the floor to sleep on! (I know its not the most environmentally friendly option, and not my first choice, but we’re on a tight budget! And 4.5 months of floor is a bit uncomfortable.)

Plus, I’m going to reuse pallets and make a bed to put it on!

Our little Delilah took her first boat ride across the river to stay over night in my fiance’s family cabin!


I found a crazy good looking watermelon sorbet recipe! (Now I just need to get an awesome ice cream maker).

And I waited VERY impatiently for my wedding dress!

What did you love this June?? What are you looking forward to this July?

~Courtney, The Crunchy Delinquent

Henna for Hair (Part 1)


Mmmm, mmm, mmm. Wouldn’t you just love a big, warm, gloppy bowl of that smeared right on your head??

I know I sure would!

And within five business days from this morning, I will!! I just ordered my pure henna to dye my hair from Mehandi.


Scientific name- Lawsonia inermis

Henna, for those of you that don’t know, is a plant.

This plant, to be exact-

When dried, ground up into powder form and mixed with an acidic liquid (like lemon juice) it becomes an amazing tool to color, beautify, grow and fix/heal you hair.

Henna has been used on hair for centuries. Back in the early 1800’s, having your hair ‘hennaed’ was considered exotic and desirable. People, men and women alike, would henna their hair for the health benefits. Once their hair was hennaed, it was beautiful, silk soft and shiny. It would also become red, but that just created the exotic look.

Now a days, henna is not main stream (why? Most likely because it’s time consuming, and we live in a fast paced, no time for time world) so its not. Most people either know it makes temporary tattoos/body art (because its also traditionally used to create beautiful body art) or nothing about it.

Let’s look a little bit about what it does for hair-

  • Strengthens hair
  • Eliminates ringworm
  • Eliminates lice
  • Reduces dandruff
  • Its totally natural
  • Works as an awesome conditioner
  • Helps your hair grow longer by creating a healthy scalp
  • A powerful natural cleanser

So you can dye your hair and instead of killing it the way mainstream dyes do, you can actually make it healthier by dying it! It creates one of the most beautiful shades of red of any hair color. Also, unlike other dyes, it won’t fade out. Ever. My sister hennaed her hair months ago, and guess what, its still red. Her roots have grown out, and obviously they wouldn’t be red, but the rest of her hair is. Henna actually binds with the hairs natural keratin. Making it part of your hair, not a layer on the outside of hair or just sitting under the outer layer.

Its really amazing.

However, there are tons of ‘henna hair dyes’ that are filled with chemicals as well. Its very hard to find, pure, additive free henna. They often mix henna with other things to create a different color then red. On the website I used, they have pure henna for hair. They also have kits for other colors with other natural dyes such as indigo and walnut. But I personally think henna itself is super pretty, and henna has all the natural healing powers anyways.

So in a few days when mine comes and I use it, I will show you how I did mine and what the result is!!

Have a wonderful summer solstice!!

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~Courtney, The Crunchy Delinquent

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Happy Father’s Day!

I love the dad’s in my life.


And I can’t go through father’s day without acknowledging them. Bear with me while I get all mushy and lovey.

I’ll start with my own father.

Weirdest, nicest, smartest, funniest  guy you’ll ever meet. He’s awesome. I can tell you without a doubt, I would not be where I am today without him. Even when I went through my, *ahem* ‘rough patch,’ he was still there for me. Sometimes, when we’re all chilling at my sister’s house he just shows up on his bicycle. All sweaty in blue jeans and a button down. And my sister’s house is like, 15 miles from his house. Or we’ll be walking through the city and you hear the person beside you saying that he has, ‘An Indiana Jones-eque feel to him.’ Because he always wears an Indiana Jone’s hat. He can go from his incredibly difficult electrical engineering job to catching rattle snakes (for real, rattle snakes, I’ve touched one he caught one time) on a mountain somewhere.

He’s the best dad ever. I don’t tell people I love them very often, and I really should, but I love him to death. I couldn’t imagine life without him.

And my fiance, my daughter’s father.

It sounds trashy to say, but I’m so glad I didn’t get knocked up to any of my ex-boyfriends. My fiance is AMAZING. He works 50 hour weeks to give me and our daughter a good life. He lets me be a stay at home mom all week. He loves our daughter to death, and you can see how much he loves her in his face when he’s holds her or talks to her. He would give his life to save hers. He supports everything I want to do, so I know he’ll support anything she wants to do. I really couldn’t have asked for a better dad for Delilah or our future children. I’m proud to tell people we’re engaged and I love to brag about what an amazing man and father he is.

I’m so excited for our future and future children and to see what this life throws at us!!


Don’t tell me that’s not love ♥

Happy Father’s Day to all the men who have stepped up and become Daddy’s! And all the single mom’s who do both!!

~Courtney, The Crunchy Delinquent