Foodie Penpal Reveal!!

The Lean Green Bean

I discovered this completely magnificent program over at The Lean Green Bean a while back and finally got the chance to join up for the August swap!

Its pretty straight forward. You get assigned a penpal for the month, and you send them food! Someone else gets your name, and they send you food! I’m 99% sure that food showing up on your door step is the greatest thing ever.

Then at the end of the month you reveal what you got on your blog (or you just eat it and don’t reveal it if you don’t have a blog!).

(Pssst! If you want to sign up for the upcoming month, head over here and fill out the entry form before the 4th of  the month!! Bloggers and non-bloggers alike!)

So you wanna see what I got =)

My penpal was Kylie from  (you can go check her blog out if you like, but she says she’s more of a reader of blogs then a poster =)



Coconut water, coconut water with mango and peach (my 2 favorite fruits!!) dark and milk chocolate from Enjoy LIfe (I LOVE there chocolate- soy, nut and dairy free, totally vegan), Jif natural peanut butter (that was gone in about 20 seconds….) gluten free sugar cookie mix and some delicious fruit and seed trail mix!!

All packed up in a fantastic bin! (Which will now be storing mason jar rings and lids…. I have 6 million of them and no where to put em!)


Enjoying some chocolate and peanut butter =) Yummmmmy!

Thanks Kylie!!

Come join in the fun for September!!!

~Courtney, The Crunchy Delinquent

P.S. This is linked up over at the penpal reveal day link! Go check it out!

The Lean Green Bean