Homemade, Real Food, Cheesey Crackers

I love crackers. Plain and simple. Super crappy crackers from the grocery store made out of chemicals and ‘food’ have my name all over them. ‘Eat me, Courtney, eat me!! I promise you won’t regret it!!’ It’s pretty tempting. But aside from the ridiculous prices of a store cracker, the ingredients are just so obnoxious it keeps me from buying them. So what do I eat instead??

Homemade crackers!! Once you start to realize you can actually make anything you want yourself, you suddenly want to try and make everything yourself!

Crackers are way easier then you ever thought. These cheese crackers taste like the popular ‘Cheez-it’ cracker. Only better, and good for you!!

Homemade, real food, Cheesey Crackers


4 oz. of sharp cheddar cheese
(buy a block and shred it yourself to avoid eating the sawdust they put on pre-shredded cheese! And purchase white cheese to avoid artificial colors and dyes!!)
2 tbsp. of pastured pork lard
(you can sub in butter if you don’t use lard, but I highly suggest lard!!)
3/4 organic whole wheat flour or unbleached white
2.5 tablespoons of grass-fed raw milk
(Plus extra to brush on the crackers)
Himalayan Pink Salt

Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.

Combine everything except the salt in a food processor until it forms a soft dough. You can add a little extra flour if it’s too sticky. Roll the dough out as thin as you can and cut it into small squares with a pizza cutter. Place the crackers on a cookie sheet and brush them with milk. Sprinkle a little bit of salt on each cracker and bake them for 14- 20 minutes, or until they are brown on the edges and getting crunchy.

Bam! Healthy ‘cheez-its’. Not to mention they taste way better and they are way cheaper!! My daughter loves these crackers.

Please note, unless you use artificial dyes/colors, these crackers will be a brown/tan not bright orange like the original cracker!!



”I Gotta Have Raw Milk….”

…Is the first thing that crossed my mind when my fiance told me he got a call from a good (way better then where he is now! Yay!) job, all the way across the river.

In the town I live now there is an Amish farm 10 minutes away that sells good quality raw milk and I’ve been getting milk there for ages. So, I was kind of having an internal freak out when I realized the county we’d be moving into for his job, isn’t as high of an Amish population and doesn’t have as much agriculture. I suddenly realized I might have to drive an hour to get my milk.

So, as I was looking online (www.realmilk.com,under the Real Milk Finder button) I found this super cool (kind of ingenious, year round farmer’s market type deal) service.

Your Family Farmer

The Farm Store- The genius behind this service.

The Farm Store- The genius behind this service.

This particular service is only available in certain areas in PA, so if your in PA check it out! If not, check it out anyways!! Its such a nifty idea and there might be something similar in your area as well =)

The service has a van that has coolers in the back and they drive around areas of PA to what they call drop points. You Place an order online, pick the closest dropĀ  point and meet the van there to pick up your order. They have raw milk, grass fed meats, raw milk cheese, eggs and tons more! And you just have to go pick up your order at the bi-weekly drop point.

Now that I have discovered this, I will definitely be using it! Weather I move or not =)

Just needed to share!

X’s and O’s

~Courtney, The Crunchy Delinquent