‘I Love’ Tuesdays



I love Amazon!

It is any real foodie’s dream.

Not many peopleĀ  know, but you can get super deals on organic foods through Amazon! And you can get them even cheaper through Amazon subscribe and save! I’m just going to focus on regular old Amazon for today though.

Say your baking cookies, and you want some unbleached parchment paper.
to cook them on. Amazon’s got your back!

Well then you realize you ran out of coconut palm sugar
to make your cookies with! Oh no! Amazon’s got your back!

You also forgot your cookie sheet has an evil nonstick coating on it! Amazon’s got your back! You can replace it with a shiny new stainless steel cookie sheet.

Plus, if you spend $25 at once, you can almost always get free shipping.

You can also find great deals on things like organic bedding, cloth diaper covers, organic clothing and coconut oil!!

To me, it seems logical to check Amazon before anywhere else (I even did my wedding registry through them!) or when I’m looking for something hard to find. So I figured I’d share with those of you who didn’t know!

~Courtney, The Crunchy Delinquent