A basket of apples through a baby’s eyes

Today’s post may not be about health or wellness, recipes or projects, or any of the other usual stuff, but its short and sweet and I hope it gets you thinking.


The other day me and my six and a half month old daughter went to my mom’s house to do laundry. She was making a ton of homemade applesauce for my wedding reception this weekend (because she’s amazing like that). The apples she was using were off of the tree in my sister’s back yard. They were very misshapen (hey, they weren’t sprayed with horrible pesticides that make them look perfect!) they had holes and bruises that needed cut out and some bugs in them. They were (and are) still tasty and perfectly edible, they are just an eyesore!

Delilah was crawling around the floor getting into everything, like babies do, and found the basket of apples. She climbed up over the edge and reached inside.

She was in total awe. These were the coolest, most amazing, awesome things she had ever laid eyes on. There were tons of them, the pile was 3 times as big as she is, they were shiny, they are all bright red and pretty. She daintily touched each apple, picked them up and put them down, stared at them, smiled and talked to them. She ran her tiny fingers over them and felt them.

These ugly, misshapen apples off of a little backyard apple tree were the coolest things little Delilah had ever seen.

Most adults would have looked over them,  said how gross they were, thrown them out or let animals eat them and move on.

But not Delilah.

Because through the eyes of a baby, everything is beautiful and everything is amazing. Everything is something new and exciting. Babies see the beauty in everything and the good side of everything. Dirty, grungy apples become beautiful, amazing red things.

Adults seem to lose this more and more the older they get. The amazing things in life are just blah and ordinary.

Take the time today to put on baby goggles.

Look at the world as if you’ve never seen it before and really look at everything around. The earth truly is amazing. Life is amazing.

Embrace it.

Be happy.

~Courtney, The Crunchy Delinquent

3 thoughts on “A basket of apples through a baby’s eyes

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