This post is just to let you know a few things that are coming up! Nothing food/recipe/nature/health related in this post. Just so y’all know. Just some updates and announcements and such.

First off, starting this upcoming Friday (August 16th) I will be co-hosting Real Food Fridays with Mary from Mary’s Kitchen, Lydia, from Lydia’s Flexitarian Kitchen and Joyce from It’s Your Life!

Mary’s Kitchen

I can’t wait! It’ll be a weekly link party starting Thursday evening and running until Monday at noon. So feel free to come link up your real food recipes and links!! Wooo!!

Secondly, you may be wondering what on earth happened to my 5 part foraging series. I didn’t forget!!! I’m just waiting for a few later in the season plants to highlight! You can’t rush nature. When its in bloom, its in bloom =)

Thirdly, I will be taking a very short furlough from blogging September 4th-10th. I’m getting married!! And I’m going to be crazy busy with last minute prep, stressed over little stuff, running around like a chicken with my head cut off. That kind of stuff. So I’m letting you folks know ahead of time. Real Food Friday will still happen, since it’ll be scheduled, but no other posts during that time. Then the 11th you guys are going to have to deal with a post about my wedding. Just fair warning =)

4th, I plan to switch over to hosting myself sometime in the coming weeks!! (Not 100% what date yet). No more .Wordpress in my title. I’m moving on. Gettin’ fancy. I’m hoping its a clean switch when I do it, but I SUCK at technology. I’m amazed I’ve done this OK with it so far! So if there are any bumps going on, you’ll know why =)

And last but not least, I reached 98 likes on Facebook as of the day this post was published. So you can (almost!) bet your buttons I’ll be doing a giveaway of these here half gallon Mason jars!!


Head over and like the page, I just need 100 to do the giveaway. 2 days for 2 likes. That’s not too hard!

Thanks to everyone who’s following me so far, Facebook or not. I really do appreciate it =) Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!

~Courtney, The Crunchy Delinquent

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