Couch to 5K- Week 1


Well, its August 1st! The official start day of the Couch to 5K challenge! My blogger bud, Lydia, (from Lydia’s Flexitarian Kitchen) is joining me! So be sure to check out her progress as well =)

So here’s the setup.

Each week I’ll link back to previous weeks and have the same bits of information, just updated for that week. That way, you can see what progress I’ve made, and just follow along. Maybe it’ll help you kick start your own exercise routine!!

There are 3 main reasons I’m doing this.

1- We want to have another baby. But pregnancy for me was HORRIBLE. It was so bad. I got so fat, labor was ridiculous, I had so many aches and pains. I was just completely miserable. Beyond normal pregnancy pains. So I really want to get in better shape and be able to run throughout my next pregnancy to help with labor, delivery, aches and pains and general problems. Being fit can drastically reduce these problems.

2- I eat healthy but don’t really do more then walk and some morning yoga stretches. End working out. I really, really want to have more physical stamina. I’d love to go to all those fun 5K runs everyone always does.

3- I wouldn’t mind losing a few extra pounds and tighten up my butt and leg muscles. I’m totally comfortable with how my body looks, but being a little thinner would be healthier and probably more comfortable.

So here’s to my first run!!

Week 1:

Weight: 180 lbs. (Yes I’m going to announce my weight each week.)
(Oh, and my starting weight is 8 lbs. above pre-pregnancy weight.)

Work-out: Week 1’s workout is a brisk 5 minute warm up walk followed by 8 repetitions of running 60 seconds, walking 90 seconds and a brisk 5 minute cool down walk.

How I’m feeling: Very excited!! A little upset that it was raining and we didn’t get to go out in the morning though. We’re going to have to go out in the evening when its much hotter. Bleh. But hey, sweating is good for you!!

How this week’s first workout went: I’ll update this evening!

(I’ll also have a section on how the previous week ended, but since its the first week, I obviously won’t be able to fill that one in this week!!)

I’m so stoked!!

Feel free to join in anytime if you want too!

~Courtney, The Crunchy Delinquent

4 thoughts on “Couch to 5K- Week 1

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