What I Loved in June!

Well its July. Which means- Summer is in full swing, I’ll be 20 in less then 2 weeks, my niece will be 6 the day after that, my daughter will be 5 months and it’s only 2 months til me and my fiance tie the knot!! In celebration of a new month, I figured I’d share some of the things that made me happy in June!!

I found out how to make some delicious, healthy striped fruit snacks over here at The Balanced Platter.

I finally figured out the Amish’s secret meadow tea recipe!

I made (and LOVED) these super yummy, real food oatmeal cream cookies from Health Starts in The Kitchen.

I finally started cloth diapering!

I made some fantastic strawberry jam with fresh picked strawberries, just like The Pioneer Woman did!

We picked out my fiance’s wedding ring!

We decided we’re going to have 4 dozen of these fake mustaches at our wedding for super fun photo props (and entertainment).

I started doing some beginner’s yoga to get my body back in shape.

I started peeing in the shower!

We finally got something other then the floor to sleep on! (I know its not the most environmentally friendly option, and not my first choice, but we’re on a tight budget! And 4.5 months of floor is a bit uncomfortable.)

Plus, I’m going to reuse pallets and make a bed to put it on!

Our little Delilah took her first boat ride across the river to stay over night in my fiance’s family cabin!


I found a crazy good looking watermelon sorbet recipe! (Now I just need to get an awesome ice cream maker).

And I waited VERY impatiently for my wedding dress!

What did you love this June?? What are you looking forward to this July?

~Courtney, The Crunchy Delinquent

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