Happy Father’s Day!

I love the dad’s in my life.


And I can’t go through father’s day without acknowledging them. Bear with me while I get all mushy and lovey.

I’ll start with my own father.

Weirdest, nicest, smartest, funniest  guy you’ll ever meet. He’s awesome. I can tell you without a doubt, I would not be where I am today without him. Even when I went through my, *ahem* ‘rough patch,’ he was still there for me. Sometimes, when we’re all chilling at my sister’s house he just shows up on his bicycle. All sweaty in blue jeans and a button down. And my sister’s house is like, 15 miles from his house. Or we’ll be walking through the city and you hear the person beside you saying that he has, ‘An Indiana Jones-eque feel to him.’ Because he always wears an Indiana Jone’s hat. He can go from his incredibly difficult electrical engineering job to catching rattle snakes (for real, rattle snakes, I’ve touched one he caught one time) on a mountain somewhere.

He’s the best dad ever. I don’t tell people I love them very often, and I really should, but I love him to death. I couldn’t imagine life without him.

And my fiance, my daughter’s father.

It sounds trashy to say, but I’m so glad I didn’t get knocked up to any of my ex-boyfriends. My fiance is AMAZING. He works 50 hour weeks to give me and our daughter a good life. He lets me be a stay at home mom all week. He loves our daughter to death, and you can see how much he loves her in his face when he’s holds her or talks to her. He would give his life to save hers. He supports everything I want to do, so I know he’ll support anything she wants to do. I really couldn’t have asked for a better dad for Delilah or our future children. I’m proud to tell people we’re engaged and I love to brag about what an amazing man and father he is.

I’m so excited for our future and future children and to see what this life throws at us!!


Don’t tell me that’s not love ♥

Happy Father’s Day to all the men who have stepped up and become Daddy’s! And all the single mom’s who do both!!

~Courtney, The Crunchy Delinquent

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