Super Easy Homemade Salsa!!

For those of you that follow my Facebook, I posted a picture of this earlier, so here’s the recipe!!

Super Easy Homemade Salsa!!

You will need:


Lime Juice

1 Garlic clove

Fresh Cilantro

Jalapeno Pepper(s)




Local ingredients aren’t in season here, so I just got organic.

Also, you probably noticed there’s no amounts listed. However many tomatoes you use is how much salsa you’ll have. I used  average sized tomatoes and got just about 2 quarts. For everything else, just add as much as you like. My approximate measurements were- 5 tomatoes, half of a very large onion, 1 large jalapeno pepper, 1 clove of garlic, 3. tsp. of cumin, 2 tsp. of parsley, 4 tbsp. of lime juice, and a handful of cilantro.

Roughly chop all the ingredients and blend in a blender until its how chunky/smooth you like it. Min accidentally got over blended, but it still tastes great!! Then let it rest for a minimum of 5 hours, but over night is even better.

As it rests the juices combine and it tastes better. It gets spicier. If you eat it right away it will just taste like tomatoes.


Just a disclaimer- I didn’t make this recipe up, its my wonderful mother’s =)

Also, don’t do this:


We almost had a huge salsa explosion, Make sure you have enough room in your blender for all the ingredients. I didn’t even have everything in at this point…

Delicious and super nutritious!!


~Courtney, The Crunchy Delinquent

Shared in Natural Living Monday and Party Wave Wednesday!

3 thoughts on “Super Easy Homemade Salsa!!

  1. We are avid salsa eaters in my house! I love to make it with fresh tomatoes, and I use similar ingredients to your recipe. My measurements are never the same either, it all depends on what mood I am in!

    Your salsa looks great! Thanks for sharing on Natural Living Monday!

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