Finally done moving! =)

We are currently internet-less (hopefully only until Thursday) but that is why I have been lacking in the blogging department.

Come Thursday I will be back to blogging full force!!

I apologize for being absent.

With that said, we finished moving!! Huzzah!!

The new place =) ignore the massive TV... My fiance likes sports and it was free lol.

The new place =) ignore the massive TV… My fiance likes sports and it was free =P

I’m super stoked about the stove. Its a brand spankin’ new gas stove. I’m the first one to use it =)

(Long back-story short, our old land lord literally broke laws coming into our apartment constantly whether we were home or not, and we needed to leave for our safety and comfort and had massive troubles getting away, which is why moving is so exciting for us.)

May was crazy trying to arrange our life around packing everything and finding a new place and being broke.

This June will be super exciting getting back into the hang of things and cooking more and planning meals better. I’m so excited to try out a bunch of new recipes!! Plus I want to build some furniture for the house….

So in conclusion-

May was insane. I can’t wait to be home more regularly. I’m sorry for being a bad blogger. I can’t wait to share June’s recipes and projects!! And I should be back Thursday for my regular blogging routine!!!

Thank you for understanding my dilemma =)

Until Thursday,

~Courtney, The Crunchy Delinquent

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