‘I Love’ Tuesdays!

My container garden.

I love it.

I dream about planting acres of just edible plants. I drive by peoples empty yards and just think how great it would look with fruits, vegetables, herbs, greens and anything imaginable planted in it.

But, unfortunately, I live in a basement apartment and in 2 days will be living in a  second floor apartment, neither of which have yards.

However I have been freaking out (excitedly not scared) about our new place. Its huge and open with big windows. In the basement apartment there is one window that gets sun. So no plants here.

I have been growing my container garden at my moms house in anticipation of this move. And we’re moving stuff in today. So I finally get green things in my house!!!

Its all planted in organic potting soil. So fresh, organic herbs and salsa all summer!!

I’m growing two kinds of tomatoes, sweet peppers and habanero peppers in window boxes. Then in my indoor pots I have Rosemary, Lemon balm, St. Johns wort, Texas bird peppers, spearmint, basil and aloe.


You can tell I love it because I buckled them in for the trip to the new place and didn’t buckle myself…

Its so exciting. I can’t wait for everything to be big enough to use!!

I think that everyone should at the very least, grow some herbs. Obviously, if your in my situation and have no yard, your limited on what you can do. But as long as you have some sunshine you can grow something!!

I plan to have mint tea with my spearmint. Make salve with the St. John’s wort. I have lots of plans for the lemon balm, as it is medicinal and lemony tasting for recipes.

No one can possibly comprehend how exciting I am to finally be growing things in my own home. There aren’t words.

I’m gonna go finish moving… Ugh. So much work.

Go plant something!!

Happy Tuesday!

~Courtney, The Crunchy Delinquent

2 thoughts on “‘I Love’ Tuesdays!

  1. I’ve read that mint can reduce your milk supply. I’ve always drank mint tea anyhow when I was nursing without any problems, but you may not want to drink a whole gallon at once or anything. Delilah might complain.

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