‘I Love’ Tuesdays!

My favorite food in the whole wide world is tacos.

There’s about a million ways to make the traditional taco super nutritious and real. Such as using grass fed meats, half organic rice half meat, tons of dark greens on top, raw cheese etc.

I have experimented with making homemade tortillas but they turned out a little off. I will definitely make more (and share when I do). Store bought shells almost always have all kinds of fillers, preservatives and chemicals in them no matter what you do.

However, I LOVE these!

Click the picture to go to the source and Garden of Eatin's website

Click the picture to go to the source and Garden of Eatin’s website

I’ve always loved organic blue corn chips and the day i found out they came in taco shell form, I made tacos just so I could try them. They are so good. I know they aren’t quite real food, but they are a much better option from other corn shells you could get.

They are made with organic corn (so no GMOs!) and expeller pressed oils. So only two ingredients!

I love a lot of Garden of Eatin’s products, but these are so good.

So go eat some tacos!!

~Courtney, The Crunchy Delinquent

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