Salted Almond Ginger Chocolate Bark

Happy Monday!  ….Said no one ever….

However, this salted almond ginger chocolate bark might make your Monday slightly better =)

You will need:

1/3 cup organic cocoa powder

1/3 cup honey

1/3 cup coconut oil

1 tsp. organic pure vanilla extract

For the topping:

1/3 cup roughly chopped raw organic soaked almonds

1 heaping teaspoon organic fresh ginger (ground or very finely chopped)

Sea salt


Start by combing all the ingredients for the chocolate in a skillet and whisk over a medium heat.


Heat until the honey and coconut oil are melted and it looks like a smooth batch of freshly melted chocolate


Pour into a well greased glass baking dish. I used coconut oil to grease my dish.

Take all of your toppings and make an even layer over top of the chocolate.



Place it in the freezer for half an hour or until it firms up.

The hardest part is getting it out of the pan. No matter  how well greased the pan is, its hard to get out. I used a pancake flipper to scrape it up of the bottom and peel into pieces. You could also make mini pieces in muffin tins (in a paper, not just in the tin) they wouldn’t be so hard to get out.

And that’s it!!


Yay for real food!

You could also add any toppings you like. You could use strawberries or dried fruits and other nuts.

Use your imagination =)

X’s and O’s

~Courtney, The Crunchy Delinquent

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