Chemical Free Beauty Routine


Everything I do, as far as my beauty routine goes, is chemical free except for my deodorant. (Which I am working on. I want something that actually keeps me from smelling bad, which seems to be one of the more difficult things to do.)

However, I thought I’d share everything else that I do!

The cups are my vinegar and baking soda for my hair, the left bar is Dr. Bronner's and the right bar is the Canus goat's milk soap!

The cups are my vinegar and baking soda for my hair, the left bar is Dr. Bronner’s and the right bar is the Canus goat’s milk soap!

As far as my shower goes, I do no-poo for my hair. (If you’d like to read more on that you can see my post about it.)

Then I use Dr. Bronner’s organic lavender bar soap on my body. The biggest thing about using bar soap and using natural soap, is that when you switch, it feels so different. We’re so used to the ‘clean’ feeling chemicals give you. When your in the shower and still wet, your skin will feel different because its not stripped of everything you naturally have to protect your skin. Once you get out of the shower and dry off your skin feels better then ever, but it definitely takes some getting used to.

For my face (and my baby!) I use Canus goat’s milk soap. I swear it gets rid of my black heads, plus my face is incredibly soft after using it.

Once week I use the simplest sea salt mask on my face to soften it. (see the end of this post for the recipe and instructions =)

For my stretch marks from pregnancy, I use coconut oil.


Its helps restore the elasticity in your skin and will tighten it back up. It has done so much for my stretch marks. They were bright red 2 months ago and they’re already a very light pink. My stomach’s skin is almost back to its natural tightness, even my fiance is impressed.

In between hair washes, I use a homemade dry shampoo on the roots of my hair to suck up some of the excess oil from the no-poo switch. And, I would actually suggest using it even if you haven’t switched. Its super helpful anytime. Especially if you have someone who won’t let you in the bathroom alone very often…… Like a baby……


It works amazingly. Just put it on your roots with a make-up brush and comb it through. Its made with cocoa, so it smells good, and you can find the recipe over here at Wellness Mama’s blog.

To whiten my teeth I use activated charcoal once a week, and I brush with Earthpaste.

Super Easy Sea Salt Face Mask

So for the face mask I mentioned earlier, all you need is about a teaspoon of good quality sea salt and a few drops of water. (No seriously, just a few drops of water.)


Add just enough water to make the salt wet, like so ^^, and rub it evenly all over your face.


It should look like your face is horribly diseased and peeling.

Let it sit for 15 minutes, or until its dry again, and rinse it off with warm water. It’ll make your face dry (but soft!!) so rub a little coconut oil on to moisturize.

No-poo Update:

I told ya I’d update my no-poo journey.

This is how my hair looks now-

Oh my god! Half of it fell out!!

Oh my god! Half of it fell out!!

So. Much. Volume!!

Its still in the adjusting stage, so my scalp over compensates on its oil production. It also feels a little rough when its drying, but once its dry its pretty soft. Nothing super exciting yet! Just tons of volume =) I’m hoping it adjust before my wedding in September!

~Courtney, The Crunchy Delinquent

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