Baby Steps (And Chocolate Syrup!)

The only real ‘problem’ of being crunchy is it can seem (and be) more expensive.

If your like us, your far from rich and are living pay check to pay check. One of the reasons people so often fail is because they think you need to go all out, all at once. But you don’t. The world we live in now-a-days is FULL of things that are un-healthy, cheap, and easy. Unless money isn’t an issue, you really can’t expect to replace all of those things over night. So instead of throwing away everything in your pantry that isn’t healthy, which, unless you started on your crunchy quest a while ago, is probably most or all of it, do it in steps. Finish what you have and when its gone, buy the healthy option. For instance, I had bought a 5 pound bag of sugar a long while back (I know, I know, regular sugar is HORRIBLE for you and 99% of the time is a GMO). It takes a very long time for us to use sugar so we still have some. But I don’t want to just throw it out so we’re finishing it. Once its gone we will be buying organic sugar and sucanat. Bam. My pantry is one item crunchier. I’ve never used white flour so that wasn’t an issue for us to replace with a healthier option. If we buy frozen foods we always buy organic (Annie’s Homegrown organic frozen pizza‘s are delicious!).

If you expect to go into it and be healthy the next day, your setting yourself up for failure.

Take baby steps! Set goals and work towards them.

My goal for April was to cut out high fructose corn syrup in the home. So far I think there’s maybe 4 things in all our cabinets with it in them, and I haven’t bought anything with it in since the beginning of the month. Its actually an easily attainable and super good goal to set for yourself. If you read the labels at the store you’ll realize its in a lot of things, but, its generally pretty easy to get another option.

Did you know that most store bought chocolate milks have high fructose corn syrup in them? If you want chocolate milk, make your own chocolate syrup! Its cheaper and not as bad for you.

Homemade Better Chocolate Syrup

1 1/2 cups organic sugar

A pinch of sea salt

3/4 cup unsweetened organic cocoa powder

1 cup water

1 teaspoon of real vanilla (make homemade or make sure its not imitation)

Put everything but the vanilla into a sauce pan and whisk occasionally while you bring it to a boil. Reduce the heat and let it cook for 1 minute. Once you remove it from the heat add the vanilla and stir. You can keep it in a mason jar or old glass peanut butter jar in your fridge. Just use it however you would your regular chocolate syrup!

There you go. Your food supply became one item better.

Just remember to take baby steps and work towards goals. baby feet walking

~Courtney, The Crunchy Delinquent

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