I’m just over here ogling the Swiss Chard…

Its Friday!! That means one of my favorite local farmers markets was open today. Me and my mom went down to look at their vegetables. I had to force myself to leave before I dipped into our rent money to buy veggies and mushrooms. I finally settled on some beautiful Swiss Chard (one of the prettiest leafy veggies out there, ranging from white stems to hot pink, bright red, and bright yellow) some organic Beech mushrooms, and a mix of white, purple/blue and red potatoes. All home grown in my county. Mmmmmmmm…… So good. I can’t wait to have me some salad and colorful potato soup =) Later this week when I make my soup I’ll share my super easy recipe.

I got all of this for $9.00. One of the absolute best places to get fresh in season fruits, veggies and home made bread is your local farmers market. I know this is stressed everywhere you look, but such a surprising amount of people just don’t go or don’t buy there. Its much, much cheaper then the grocery store 90% of the time, everything is fresh and most is local. I didn’t need very much this time because my fridge is too full of veggies

<and even veggies can be over eaten>

but the selection of wonderful things there is fantastic.

Enjoy some healthy food porn =)




Aren’t natural colors SO beautiful??

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