Coconut Oil For Beauty

dicuia9qyasahbkz4jvow9clyb4onnox      My 2 month old daughter gets awful cradle cap. I’ll have it cleaned up and it will be gone for a few days then magically overnight she have a sudden collection of it on her little head. The general treatment is get some baby oil, put it on their scalp and comb it out. I hate combing it out. The comb is plastic and seems to irritate her scalp no matter how lightly I comb and then there is dead skin in the comb and she’s crying because I’m combing and it makes her mad…. You get the idea, its a pain. So I use coconut oil for everything. Seriously, for EVERYTHING. So I thought, why not use it for her cradle cap? So I pull the jug out of the closet, scrape some out and start rubbing it into her hair. I go get the comb but when I go to comb out all the dead skin, its gone. Just gone. The coconut oil disintegrated it. I have been using it on her every few days ever since. In the 4 weeks since I’ve started using it on her scalp, her skin has gotten less dry, her hair is always soft and shiny (it is obviously always close to that since its baby hair, but its even more so now), her hair has started growing more, her scalp looks healthier and even when her cradle cap attacks again, its not as bad.

      When she has diaper rash I rub a little oil on her sore bum and it clears up within a few minutes (if its more severe diaper rash it may take a day or two to clear up). When she gets out of the bath tub I use it as a baby lotion to re-soften her skin. If she scratches herself with those crazy baby fingernails that grow in 5 seconds, I rub a little on to clear it up faster. When I shave my legs I use it as moisturizer. When I wash my hair I use it as conditioner. When my lips are dry and cracked I rub some on. I could continue this paragraph for ever. Its so awesome and used for everything.

Health benefits:

So now that I’ve listed a few of the wonderful uses for coconut oil, your probably wondering why its so ‘crunchy’ and good for you. Look at the back of your lotion bottle real quick. Count how many ingredients are in there. Now count how many of those ingredients you can’t pronounce. There’s only one ingredient in coconut oil- coconut oil. Have you ever thought about what your rubbing onto your skin? It absorbs into your skin and you more then likely don’t know what it is or where it comes from. In fact it can be more dangerous for you too rub some of them onto your skin as it is to eat them.  Just one example of a common ingredient in lotion, and a description of it:

  • Glyceryl Oleate- Toxic to humans, including carcinogenic, reproductive and developmentally toxic, neurotoxic, and acute toxicity. It is also an environmental toxin. Toxic to aquatic animals. (SOURCE)

That’s just one of the ingredients. Just one. There’s about 50 in your lotion.

In your lib balm, there is often alcohol, menthol, camphor and phenol. Did you know that all of those actually dry your lips out? Therefore increasing your need for lip balm. What does that mean for lip balm companies? More money. Swap out your lip balm for come coconut oil, or even homemade lip balm (I’ll share a recipe for this at a later date).

Coconut oil has been shown to reduce your chance of certain cancers, soothe aching muscles, restore skins natural elasticity, help with weight loss and helps your hair grow. It can also help with digestion, heart disease, stress relief and HIV (seriously, it does).

So toxins vs any of those listed above? I personally would pick the coconut oil.

So, if you haven’t discovered coconut oil yet, GET SOME! Its the most amazing thing I think I have ever owned. Our household will never be without a big ‘ole gallon jug of organic expeller pressed coconut oil. You can find some here. You can also look at your local natural foods store, I get mine at a bulk natural foods store owned by a local family.

Also, you can read this book- The Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife for even more information, testimonials and information about coconut oil. (also was used as a source for some of my info.)

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